Our story begins over 100 years ago in 1899 with the Buehler family farm on the Spring River in Mount Vernon, Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks.



Our family began with a small dairy production and grew traditional row crops. After four generations of Buehlers, (we) David and Ann made the decision to diversify our crop base with a focus on elderberries and other therapeutic crops such as cannabis (hemp). Our farm is now certified organic and have launched our next chapter as Elder Farms. We strive to grow and produce the highest quality plant-based wellness products to empower the body to heal and flourish.

Meet our team:

DAVID BUEHLER – Owner/Farmer

David is the rock of the farm.  He problem solves, trains young people how to farm, and is the man with the vision.  Dave has an infectious laugh, is always ready to try something new, and has the energy of a man half his age.  Dave is passionate about growing crops that promote people’s health, and educating others on the importance of where you source your food from.


Elisabeth is one hard working gal! Elisabeth helps keep up with all the necessary tasks around the farm from mowing, product manufacturing, cleaning the houses and manufacturing spaces, and so much more. Elisabeth is always smiling and brings a great attitude to the farm. Elisabeth loves to take country drives, spend time in the sunshine and outdoors, and listen to country music. In her free time she likes to go to rodeos, see live music, and hang out with friends.


“It feels good to see the work come full circle; designing the systems that take this powerful ingredient from the farm and creating safe quality products for us all to enjoy.”


David has been with the team since 2019 and is a huge asset to the team. Helping Dave around the farm with everything from building things, running the tractor, planting elderberry fields, and anything and everything that is needed. When he isn’t farming, you can find him hiking and traveling, playing and creating beautiful music, doing videography, and spending quality time with the people he loves!

AIMEE HERNDON – Farm Hand + Production Assistant

Aimee has been with Elder Farms since 2019. Her love of working outdoors, plants, and holistic health is what brought her to the farm. She performs a variety of tasks that change from day to day and season to season. Whether it be planting new elderberry fields, assisting with production, or everything in between, Aimee is happy to lend a helping hand. In her free time, she enjoys creating art, caring for her plants and animals, exploring the outdoors, and seeing live music and dancing.